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Thread: Ubuntu Utah Meetings

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    Re: Ubuntu Utah Meetings

    Freshly migrating to Ubuntu Studio 8.04 from the Company that bill left to the suited monkeys farm... Still have yet to install Studio as it has not yet come in the mail, but will by the time te next meeting rolls around.

    Which, By the Way, I joined the List at as NinjaBuntu... So I'm also really looking forward to UTOSC 2008, It will be the first time for me.

    So, Ok you meet at the UofU Every Second Saturday. I pretty sure I'm gonna have a Hardware Compatibility issue with my Wireless-G card Not that I really care, it a lame card anyways. I've been trying to find a list by component type Compatibility site. i found one but Firefox decided to take my bookmarks and dump em for some reason.

    Ok, Well hi y'all hope to see you this next meeting...

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    Re: Ubuntu Utah Meetings

    Does anyone know if there are still meetings for a Linux group in Southern Utah? Thanks.

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    Re: Ubuntu Utah Meetings

    I have been having trouble finding interest outside the college among people that can actually attend. I am willing to organize a meeting sometime in the next few months.
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