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    Re: Bug #2 ?

    personaly I have never thought of contubutions as mostly from men, I just thought of them as from people.

    maybe Im the only one that thinks that we are wired differently to a certain point, Im not at all against making it easier for people to get involved. I just don't think we should focuses on any specific group.

    If we go down this path bug number 3 could turn out to be "lets make it more easy for Americans to contribute" and I feel at a certain point that just gets silly and bug number 2 should really be lets make it more easy to let people contribute.

    My gf also played with lego as a kid

    Also as a disclaimer feminism has never appealed to me I have always considered my self more of an equaltairain (equal rights for everyone) more than anything else.

    Also I'm not trying to troll and if my opinions are unwanted I'm happy to leave, just giving my opinion that we should focuses our efforts on getting everyone involved more than just one group of people, after all Ubuntu is humanity towards others!
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