Hi everyone

I was discussing on another Ubuntu forum the reason why there were so few women involved in Ubuntu, in Linux in general, and may be in technological and science areas altogether.

I questioned myself whether I would post (please see the link below, if you happen to understand french ), as once again, the same ol' song was played (I just get tired of reading these kind of comments, my humor has evaporated to almost nothing on this, it is not so easy to give smart answers that will not turn the thread into flames, I feel sorry about it).

I have already described my perspective in other threads. I think this is mostly an education and a social issue, girls and boys being raised to comply to stereotypes. I see how the staff here is involved into having women (and other minorities) feel comfortable. Along with education, this is one of the possible answers we can all give, ie be civilized.

And yugo said half an our ago : this should be bug #2. He (she) has allowed me to carry that idea along. I think this is a good one. What's about you ?