I think I reformatted my USB 3 or 4 times today; trying various Distros before settling with pretty much what I had to start off with, a persistent install of Mint16 with a partition for extra storage. At least I did a better job of sizing my partitions this time.

Still playing around with my Conky.

Approaching the look that I'll stick with for a while. However, for some reason I could not get my Conky to display a semi-transparent .png image behind it like I used to do all the time on my Ubuntu installs. I believe I have the identical settings, as far as Conky goes; it may be a Mint issue. Before spending too much time trying to figure out, I just threw my wallpaper in GIMP and added the semi-transparent background where it should go; which is probably the most resource friendly solution. I had to flip the wallpaper anyway, she was facing the wrong way for my taste