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First check the permissions on your files, and the directory containing them:
$ ls /var/www/ -laF
$ ls /var/www/torrentflux/ -laF
The files should have the world read bit set (the permissions should be something like -rwxr--r--). If they are not set right use:
$ sudo chmod 744 /var/www/torrentflux/ -R

If that's not the problem, then post more information about your setup. Are you operating on a non-standard port? (In which case, don't forget to put it in the URL, like http://localhost:8000/torrentflux/html/ or whatever.) Also, does http://localhost/test.php work now? If so, does http://localhost/torrentflux/html/index.php work? (i.e.: explicitly go to the index.php file, instead of just going to the directory).
I just tried to browse to http://localhost/torrentflux/html/index.php like you suggested and things worked...as does just browsing to http://localhost/torrentflux/html/. Weird. Well, whatever. Thanks though.