Hi, i posted in the thread about some aligator man, «Steve» being killed.
Here is the post: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=250490

Let me just quote something from irc:
Quote Originally Posted by <livingdaylight>@irc
dabear: Free speech doesn' t exist
Apparently not..

Yes a man died, with children and all. I wished him RIP but basically said that I couldn't care less. I've talked to zenwhen on irc, and was redirected here; so here I am posting. Although some may see it as "on the edge", an honest opinion shouldn't be deleted. Please explain.

Also, I really dislike one of my post being removed without notifing me. In such cases (this is the first and probably last; but still), the moderator in question SHOULD send me a PM with an explanation.

Thank you.