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Thread: E-Sword 10.3 and Ubuntu 14.04

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    E-Sword 10.3 and Ubuntu 14.04

    I have used E-Sword for several years. At about 12.04 I had to use winetricks to install several dll files to get the search function to work, and the greek modules to work (SBLGNT, WH+TVM,IGrNT+).

    I recently installed Kubuntu 14.04 with wine 1.6. I used winecfg to load oleaut32.dll. I did not install any of the dll files that were recommended earlier. I installed E-Sword 10.3 by right clicking and using wine windows program loader.

    I keep a backup of all my bible and commentary modules. I put them in ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/e-Sword.

    E-Sword works great including the search function and those Greek modules.

    Those dll files may be required for other functions in E-Sword that I do not use, but installing E-Sword has never been easier.
    No doubt that this will work for all flavors of 14.04.

    Your experience may vary.
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    Re: E-Sword 10.3 and Ubuntu 14.04

    i've use e-swords for years on linux and find it to be very good.
    you may also want to give xiphos at try it's in the repository.
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    Re: E-Sword 10.3 and Ubuntu 14.04

    I am new to using wine though I know e-Sword well. What are the basic steps to the e-Sword install, which dll files are essential and can winetricks fetch them all, or should I get them from MS?

    thanks, Roger Levy

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    Re: E-Sword 10.3 and Ubuntu 14.04


    If you have wine 1.6 installed, from the terminal do
    $ winecfg
    go to libraries and add oleaut32.dll

    right click on the e-Sword.exe file and choose install from wine windows program loader.

    It should install into /home/user/.wine/drive_c/ProgramFiles (x86)/e-Sword

    If you have an older version of wine, or are using 12.04, or Ubuntu CE (which I think is based on 12.04)

    start winetricks from the command line and

    Edit: install msls31 msxml3 vbrun 6 vcrun6 and wsh57. A couple of them are downloaded from and you would need to place them in /home/user/.cache/winetricks/ .

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