Hi, I am having a very big problem :/

On my server that I have I am running 14.04 LTS.
I logged on earlier and I loaded up Firefox, the server locked up and crashed so I had to do a Hard Reboot and when the system came back up I logged in through the GUI, (yeah I know...) and I could see the desktop background, but non of the UI Features such as the side bar or the top bar... And that now happens every time
No errors come up or anything.
But I can log in to the guest account and that loads up fine. except Firefox crashes when I go on YouTube, then I have to re-boot the system.

Just so you know, the system didn't Kernel Panic or anything, it just locks up :/

Any Ideas?


P.s: All the stuff that loads at boot runs fine I just need to be able to upload files through Firefox
P.P.S: I still have access to ssh...