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Thread: Xubuntu and visual impairment users

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    Xubuntu and visual impairment users


    I have a friend with view problem. At the moment he is using windows xp with proprietary software that when is activated zoom all with a predefined scale 5x-10x ( Now I have to reinstall his system and since it is and old celeron with 512 Mb of RAM I'm thinking to install xubuntu. I'm looking for free software that are able to zoom the screen. I know orca and that I can change some options in system settings->Universal Access. It's seem that the screen reader functionality does not work at least in my ubuntu 14.04: I cannot see any difference by activating or not it. What do you suggest? I tried also this, What about this
    Thank you

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    Re: Xubuntu and visual impairment users

    Moved your thread to Assistive Technology & Accessibility where you may find some additional information.
    Some other links here, including Linux and debian projects :
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    Re: Xubuntu and visual impairment users

    Alt+Scroll Wheel is default zoom window without any added packages in Xubuntu

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    Re: Xubuntu and visual impairment users

    kmag is pretty good.


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