I'm new to linux recently put the latest version of lubuntu as a dual boot with Windows XP on my old IBM T40 in order to keep it going as a general browsing and writing laptop for when I want to laze about on the sofa. However a slight problem is that I don't seem to have any sound, which makes using you tube and anything involving sound pointless.

I have tried mostly everything that google has thrown at me, such as checking alsamixer hasn't randomly muted the output, purging and reinstalling alsamixer and installing the dev audio drivers, but to no avail. There is still no audio output through either headphones or speakers. However the microphone does work and it does pick up an input.

My laptop according to alsamixer has an Intel 82801DB-ICH4 sound card installed with an Analog Devices AD1981B chip. The other one that is available to select is the Thinkpad audio console control and selecting that does nothing either.

With the exception of the sound issues, I am very impressed with Lubuntu. It runs much faster than Windows XP does and has a far smaller footprint.

Thank you for any help