This is a procedure to add the Pace DC50X digital adapter onto mythtv. My system had an existing
HdPvr and PVR-150 capture hardware. The HdPvr was blasting to a Pace Dct-2000 and the PVR-150 had
a direct analog feed from the cable company. The cable company discontinued the analog feed and
offered free digital to analog adapters (PaceDc50x). This setup now has two blasters, operating from
a single MCE USB box (one box with two blaster dongles).

1. Create a folder for the MotorolaDta100 and PaceDc50x configurations. One set of codes apply to both.

$ mkdir /usr/share/lirc/extras/transmitters/pace/
$ cd /usr/share/lirc/extras/transmitters/pace/

2. Copy/paste the codes into this file: (you have to create the file)


-Here are the codes, copied from

***Start copy/paste from here*** (do not include this line)
# Please make this file available to others
# this config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.8.6-CVS(default) on Mon Jan 11 21:34:36 2010
# contributed by Kirk Bocek
# brand: Comcast Branded Motorola DTA100 and Pace DC50X
# model no. of remote control: Unknown, Comcast Label
# devices being controlled by this remote: Motorola DTA100 & Pace DC50X
# These are a couple of the cheap digital converters being provided by
# Comcast as part of their analog shutdown. DTA100 information here: (broken link removed)
# This remote also has power and volume buttons. You can program these
# to control your TV. But these DTAs *do* have internal volume and mute
# controls. The power button, however, is only for your TV and has no
# effect on the DTA.
# Because this remote use the XMP protocol, this config requires
# lirc 0.8.6 or later.
# Generated by starting with the generic XMP protocol configuration:
# and then using irrecord to add the keys.
# V.2 - Added Volume Up and Volume Down
# V.3 - Confirmed operation with Pace DC50X. Changed strings to
# conform with standard strings used in lirc 0.8.6.

begin remote

name MotorolaDTA100-PaceDC50X
bits 24
flags XMP
eps 20
aeps 300

one 0 137
zero 250 710
ptrail 250
pre_data_bits 32
pre_data 0x170F443E
post_data_bits 8
post_data 0x0
pre 250 12921
gap 81698
toggle_bit_mask 0x0

begin codes
KEY_1 0x1E0001
KEY_2 0x1D0002
KEY_3 0x1C0003
KEY_4 0x1B0004
KEY_5 0x1A0005
KEY_6 0x190006
KEY_7 0x180007
KEY_8 0x170008
KEY_9 0x160009
KEY_0 0x1F0000
KEY_MUTE 0x13000C
KEY_INFO 0x170026
KEY_ENTER 0x180025
KEY_LAST 0x190051
end codes

end remote
***End of copy/paste*** (do not include this line)

3. Add the MotorolaDTA100-PaceDC50X remote configuration by adding this to the end of /etc/lirc.conf.

#Configuration for the Microsoft Windows Media Center V2 (usb) : Pace Dc50x Cable box transmitter:
include "/usr/share/lirc/extras/transmitters/pace/MotorolaDta100PaceDc50x.conf"

4. Note about /etc/lirc/hardware.conf and /etc/lirc/lirc.conf. It appears that both files have references to
set-top-boxes. I added my second stb (the PaceDc50x) to /etc/lirc/lirc.conf and left /etc/lirc/hardware.conf as-is.

5. Copy the channel changing script from the wiki and save it to:


-The script is here:

6. Copy the LircChannelChanger-DTA configuration from the wiki and save it to:


-The script is here (at the bottom of the page):

7. Test the script. Here's an example command with debugging enabled and sending channel 5.

$ cd /home/mythtv
$ sudo /home/mythtv/LircChannelChanger --debug --cf=/home/mythtv/LircChannelChanger-DTA --xmitter 1 5

-Note: If you have multiple capture boards with blaster hardware, your transmitter may not be "1". If
the lirc system seems to hang when you run this (needing reboot to get it back), try another transmitter
(--xmitter 2 or 3 or whatever; mine used 3).

-Note: When running this command, you should see the blaster dongle blink. When I ran it the first time, I
had the wrong transmitter number, which corrupted lirc. I had to reboot the box to restore lirc; I haven't
found a reliable way to restart lirc.

7. Add the channel changing script to the mythtv backend setup.

-Access Mythtv backend setup > select "Input Connections" > select the desired capture board
(mine is tuner 1 of the PVR-150 board).

-Add this line to "External channel change command":
/home/mythtv/LircChannelChanger --cf=/home/mythtv/LircChannelChanger-DTA --xmitter 1

-Set "Preset tuner to channel" to 3

-Set "Starting Channel" to 3

8. Exit the Mythtv backend setup program.

9. Access MythTv frontend and try live tv.