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Thread: My Ubuntu/Linux Story + Discussion

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    Re: My Ubuntu/Linux Story + Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Linuxratty View Post
    Oh yes! So true. I have a friend whom I've been nudging towards Linux for years..I used Fire Fox as the gateway oss for him to try..I'm almost there.
    BTW,what's your website?rao vat can tho, ao khoac nu Cho thuê chung cư Royal City Máy lọc nước Kangaroo may loc nuoc Tour chùa hương 1 ngày
    oh yeah! i'm in Women learn I was self-taught linux for years
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    Re: My Ubuntu/Linux Story + Discussion

    I remember once, about 5 years ago, my boss said he wanted to get a PC with a processor with a 4 gigabyte cache.. I told him that was impossible, maybe not for a super computer, but for an ordinary user. I told him that even a 4 megabyte cache was well outside his price range, not to mention completely unnecessary for what he wanted.. He said "I'll wait till I find someone who knows what they're talking about."

    Now of course there is no way to know if he was being sexist or just a ****. There rarely is. But he had no reason whatsoever to assume I knew nothing about computers and I did kind of wonder what he'd have said if I'd been a man (especially considering the nice beard I'd grow if I were a man).

    Anyway, yeah, I'm not a very "big" person you might say, because I enjoyed asking him a few weeks later how big his new cache was

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