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Thread: First Server Distro Recommendations

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    First Server Distro Recommendations

    I'm looking for recommendations for a small business office server. Something easy to get into. Maybe not as extensive as Univention Corporate Server, but can be scaled up as needed.
    I have experience in Novell and MS server networks. I've distro hopped on every branch of the linux tree, so I have some experience in all branches.
    Main interest is ease of configuration & administration, etc.

    Thanks for your knowledgeable input.
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    Re: First Server Distro Recommendations

    how do you define ease of configuration?
    personally i am find with a command line for that and accessing the headless system via ssh

    There is Ubuntu Server, i have used that for a few things, though my primary headless server is running Rasbian (raspberry pi server)
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    Re: First Server Distro Recommendations

    Hi SurfaceUnits.

    Take a look at: Zentyal.



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