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Thread: Stalled Install

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    Stalled Install

    Laptop is a Thinkpad R40 with 40GB HD & 1GB RAM. I wiped the HD with DBAN. Inserted Lubuntu 386 CD and tested HD & Memory - both came back clean. Then I rebooted and chose to Install Lubuntu. First it kept showing Lubuntu with 4 dots underneath and did this constantly (with CD starting/stopping) for about 2 hours. There was never any interactive choice for anything. Finally I powered it off and retried. This time same thing but after about 15 minutes it then goes to the blue wave desktop/background - but won't install beyond that. Same thing with the whirring CD starting and stopping. Finally it just stops with the desktop like background and then eventually goes to sleep. Tried re-installing but the result is the same. All hardware seems OK so I'm stumped ?

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    Re: Stalled Install

    Could be the optical drive. They tend to go bad easily. Will the thinkpad boot from a USB flash drive?


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