I'm puzzled by the relationships between Ubuntu One, Ubuntu One SSO and Launchpad. Some of this may be the result of the Heartbleed bug. I understand that even when Ubuntu One goes, Ubuntu One SSO will remain. But my records indicate that I was using SSO to sign on to Launchpad (or possibly, Launchpad to sign on to Ubuntu: I got confused somewhere). I tried to use the userid and password I had for Launchpad the other day and it did not work: I assumed because they'd binned everything as a result of Heartbleed. But now I find the same userid and password still work for Ubuntu forums, etc. Can someone explain the relationship between SSO and Launchpad ?
I value Ubuntu. I value Ubuntu SSO. 14.04 is good (except for the common complaint about editting the launcher buttons). I'm happy that is it now possible to correct profile errors without having first become a guru.