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Thread: Lost Wireless with Official 14.04

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    Lost Wireless with Official 14.04


    So, I've been running the updated daily build of 14.04 for several months, no problem. With the last, presumably "official" update, I've lost my wireless connection. I get an "empty triangle." When I right click on it, I don't see the toggles for wireless and overall networking, and when I left click, instead of seeing networks I get "connection Properties: eth0, status: error." Presumably this means my ethernet isn't connected, but it works fine when I connect that up.

    There's also a "lo, status: idle drop down, and I get the older wireless icon in the tray, but clicking on that leads nowhere useful.

    Sooo, I downloaded the official version, which does exactly the same thing. Is this a bug in the official version, or am I missing something simple?


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    Re: Lost Wireless with Official 14.04

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    Re: Lost Wireless with Official 14.04

    Can you post a screenshot of what you see in the dropdown menu please? More than one screenshots if required. A couple of things you described sound a bit unfamiliar to me (I am still on 12.04.1 by the way )

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