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Thread: New to Linux - How to encrypt Partition

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    New to Linux - How to encrypt Partition


    I recently installed Lubuntu on my laptop. I have one 500gb HDD that I have partitioned as such: sda1 199gb, sda2 100gb, sda3 11.4gb, sda5 151gb and sda6 3.8gb.

    I have Windows 8.1 installed in sda1 199gb. My HDD is MBR. The windows OS (sda1) is NTFS and the linux partition (sda5) is ext4. sda3 (11.4gb) was accidentally created when trying to install Lubuntu. I can not dual boot but have to choose the OS through GRUB.

    This is my first time experimenting with Lubuntu so if any more information is needed about my set-up please let me know.

    I am trying to encrypt my entire lubuntu partition using truecrypt and I would like my windows partition to be the decoy OS. Windows does not need to be encrypted. I am willing to lose all my files but would prefer not too. How would I encrypt the linux partition? I have tried searching online and could not find what I needed. Any help or a point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Re: New to Linux - How to encrypt Partition

    I had a post, but it occured to me after that you are using Lubuntu, and I'm not sure if the Lubuntu installer will allow the same partitioning options to encrypt. Sorry, couldn't figure out how to delete the post.
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