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Thread: Dell Latitude D830 BIOS Update from A15 to A17

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    Dell Latitude D830 BIOS Update from A15 to A17

    I installed Ubuntu 12.05 Desktop on my uncle's laptop today to get him away from WinXP. I'd like to update the BIOS version from A15 to A17, the most recent. However, I'm unable to find the A17 file(s), or a method (outside using wine) to flash the BIOS to this latest version.

    I found this link, which would probably be helpful, IF the FTP it led to had the A17 BIOS files.

    Could anyone provide help on finding the BIOS A17 update?

    Libsmbios version: 2.2.28
    Product Name: Latitude D830
    Vendor: Dell Inc.
    BIOS Version: A15
    System ID: 0x01FE
    Service Tag: REDACTED
    Express Service Code: REDACTED
    Asset Tag:
    Property Ownership Tag:

    2880-BIOS Information
    2897: Vendor: Dell Inc.
    2916- Version: A15
    3841- Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
    3866: Product Name: Latitude D830
    3914- Version: Not Specified
    4131- Manufacturer: Dell Inc.
    4156: Product Name: 0HN341
    4178- Version:

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    Re: Dell Latitude D830 BIOS Update from A15 to A17

    About problems due to upgrading
    Bringing old hardware back to life.
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