I have my clean UEFI windows 8.1 install on my HDD now just as i want
it, drivers, Intel rapid Storage and Start Technology and Expresscache
configured for the 24GB SSD, essential programs etc, the install is
25GB on a 50GB sda5.

I initially created sda1 30gb to backup to because I thought
Clonezilla would be able to back up a larger partition to a smaller
partition once the space used was less than the size of the backup
partition - this I now understand is only possible if I shrink the
partition but Disk Management will only allow me shrink it to ~35gb
and GParted will not let me shrink it at all.

I have used the default Clonezilla settings to backup the windows
partition to 2gb image blocks first on 50GB sda6 next to the sda5
(Windows) and now on sda7 75GB at the end of the drive. Should I
backup again selecting the other three windows 8.1 partitions created
during install, recovery, mbr, etc?

Are the default settings enough to complete replicate my install to an
otherwise blank disk?

Once backed up, if I delete the sda1-sda6 partitions how do I
completely recover Windows 8.1 (including the other partitions it
creates at install) from my Clonezilla backup to sda1-sda4, and would
doing so affect Windows 8.1 in anyway, considering it was initially
installed on sda5 - should I instead wipe the drive, install windows
8.1 again (where it should be) and then backup?

I plan to install Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, and Clonezilla partitions but
I need to just get Windows 8.1 installed where it should be and backed
up first so I never have to do it again. For partition for the future
installs, could /home backups for Ubuntu and Debian fit side by side
on the extra space on the 75GB partition I am backing Windows 8.1 up