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Thread: Add Folder outside Homefolder...

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    Question Add Folder outside Homefolder...

    Hi all,

    i try to add a Folder outside my Homefolder (C:\Users\<USER>\...) on Windows 7 Client and it seems it dosent works.
    Other Location also dont work (M:\folder\folder\...) ...

    Its very important for me, to get it to work, how can i add this Folder to Ubuntu One Client on Windows 7 (x64)?

    I limit the Uploadspeed in the Client to 100 KB/s., but the Client allways use my entire Uploadspeed ( 250 KB/s.) i have..?

    Thanks & Greetz
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    Re: Add Folder outside Homefolder...

    Ubuntu One is restricted to the Home folder, on both Windows and Ubuntu.
    Please, people, remember to BACKUP before you install that new system. Same if you're upgrading.


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