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Thread: Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

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    Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

    As an early adopter of linux I have been please by the amount of support it has gathered in my 16 year absence.

    However, trying to access this support is problematic. Obviously my ubuntu sso login worked here as I am writing this post but Launchpad and Ask ubuntu both throw a wobbly when I try to sign in.

    Launchpad says an error occurred and does a screen refresh followed by an error code (which I know I should have copied) Then when I try again it after I login via ubuntu forums Launchpad does login

    But if I go to Ask ubuntu and click login (which I would have thought unnecessary as I am already signed in via ubuntu forums and launchpad) I get directed to a choice of login - Google/Facebook/Launchpad/Stack exchange. Choosing launchpad and entering the same login address as sucessfully used above gives me an error message "

    Is the clever login stuff broken or can someone point me to something in my setup to check? (currently using a Win7 PC to login)

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    Re: Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

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    Re: Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

    There is no connection between ask ubuntu & here other than the word 'ubuntu'
    As far as the launchpad login on ask ubuntu, don't think it has worked in a long time, if ever. (don't know why it's still there..

    So pick some other means or just "sign up"
    (once logged into ask ubuntu you'll stay logged in as long as their cookie(s) are alive/present.

    edit: the tougher question may be "how to log out of ask ubuntu?"
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    Re: Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

    Launchpad login works for me, but I had to do it manually. The launchpad button didn't work for me.
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    Re: Ask ubuntu / launchpad login errors

    I had to manually log in to Launchpad, too.

    AU is a Stack Exchange site, so it has nothing to do with this. But I was able to log in there with my normal credentials.
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