For almost two years, or since Ubuntu 12.04 was released, there has been a steady stream of posts about PAE and related problems.

12.04 was the first Ubuntu for which a special non-PAE version wasn't available. X/Lubuntu carried on supporting non-PAE processors for one release more, making 12.10 their first PAE-only release.

Several workarounds have been published which enabled the affected hardware (the Banias part of the Pentium M family) to run the latest Buntus.

From 14.04 the boot option forcepae has been added, which eliminates the need for these workarounds. More here.

I suggest that when people encounter a PAE related question they spread the word and point to Lubuntu 14.04 and the boot option, provided that the person asking is willing to run a beta version, of course.