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    Quote Originally Posted by bapoumba View Post
    Looks like I cannot log into the Ubuntu Wiki, neither from your page nor from my own page .. It does take me to the sso page and then hangs in there forever after I say "yes log me in"
    Just gave me a 500 internal error while typing this.
    Anyway, I'll post a testimonial on your page once I can log in.
    I had the same problem trying to log-in to modify the page. A had the 500 error once or twice, but on the third try, or so, it just starting chugging to hook up. I let it sit in a tab, and let it do it's thing for a few minutes, and it finally logged in. I guess if you can get past the error, and get a hookup try, it will eventually work.


    Go back to my first post, and hit the link. I just tried, and it got me to my page, and I was able to log in this time.
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