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Thread: Hysteresis in the clickpad area.

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    Hysteresis in the clickpad area.

    I'm using Ubuntu 13.10 and I have a problem with my touchpad:
    Every time I use the clickpad (left click or right click) the pointer moves a little bit (sometimes more than a little), so I end up clicking something I don't want to.
    I found out that this can be solved by increasing the values of HorizHysteresis and VertHysteresis. But when I do that, the movement of the pointer with the thouchpad gets less fluent.
    So my question is: is there a way to increase the values of Hysteresis only in the clickpad area? That way the pointer wouldn't jump every time I click, but the movement in the touchpad would still be fluent.

    Best regards,

    Juan Manuel
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