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Thread: Darktable crashing, how can i reset it?

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    Darktable crashing, how can i reset it?

    I have the current version of ArtistX installed on my PC (AMD64, 6 core, 16GB RAM). I want to reset Darktable, reset any settings I changed that might be causing it to crash immediately upon trying to import an image. It was working great. I tried uninstalling Darktable then reinstalling, but still it retains settings and prior lists of folders of imaged edited. I looked in my home folder for .darktable hoping there would be such a configuration folder storing settings but there is no such folder/file of retained settings. Where the frack does Darktable store user settings, so I can delete that file wherever it is?

    Right now Darktable is unusable, I wish someone could help me solve this riddle of getting it back to the way it was, working.

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    Re: Darktable crashing, how can i reset it?

    You can use purge remove package context that method is the best effective to delete preference settings of come package on default package path,

    apt-get --purge remove <package>
    apt-get clean

    the later will clean the /var

    To dissipate if the problem is on package or some launch fault on graphic render you can try also run darktable with
    LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 darktable ;

    I need use the above command for some programs like blender because I have a precarious graphic performance with my unmaintained ATI Graphic card.
    (This is a method to view if your problem is a result of malconfigure of program, or your problem is the graphic card performance with image renderize).
    Any problem comment to us.
    Ubuntu with me & me with Ubuntu! my GNU/Linux

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