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Thread: Apache 1.31 mod_rewrite installation

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    Apache 1.31 mod_rewrite installation

    As a result of being truly naughty in an previous life, I have to support an application running on Ubuntu 6.06 and using Apache 1.3.41 (compiled with all sorts of goodness like mod_perl, Mason and so on included)

    But I don't have mod_rewrite.

    Is it possible to create a .so for this? If so, does any kind soul have the necesary instructions?

    I really, really don't want to recompile the apache binary. I don't have the original docs for so doing and the risk of ending up with a non-working production service doesn't bear thinking about. (Yes, I do have a test server or two, I am just trying to share the FUD a bit )

    As ever, any help gratefully received



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    Re: Apache 1.31 mod_rewrite installation


    Support for 6.06 ended 3 years ago.

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