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Thread: HOWTO install cvs xqf??

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    Re: HOWTO install cvs xqf??

    Quote Originally Posted by nickless View Post
    Cool, thx
    So you suggest I install the old xqf through apt and then run uupdate (which seems to be a part of the devscripts package) to update the program. This sounds too easy to be true
    Well for now I will install the packages you listed there and try the ./ again

    edit: packages you listed were all already installed
    Okay, I got this to build with some adjustments.. This is very brief howto and probably contains some errors

    1. Add new repository to /etc/apt/sources.list
      deb-src unstable main contrib non-free
    2. Create build directory and get source from debian unstable
      mkdir -p ~/packages/xqf
      cd ~/packages/xqf
      sudo aptitude update
      apt-get source xqf
    3. Checkout cvs module
      cvs -z3 co -P xqf
    4. Prepare for uupdate
      mv xqf xqf-
      #cvs snapshot seems to contain debian package information, but we'll remove it
      rm -rf xqf-
      tar czvf xqf- xqf-
      rm -rf xqf-
    5. Apply old debian package information (diffs)
      cd xqf-1.0.4/
      uupdate ../xqf-
      cd ../xqf-
    6. Edit debian/rules so that is executed before configure. Bold entries are new stuff
      post-patches:: debian/stamp-autogen
              NOCONFIGURE=1 ./
              touch $@
              rm -f config.h
              rm -f debian/stamp-autogen
    7. Edit debian/control and add necessary packages for script
      Build-Depends: automake1.9, autoconf, intltool, libtool, libglib-dev, libgtk-dev, libgdk-pixbuf-dev
      Build-Conflicts: automake1.4, autoconf2.13
    8. Modify changelog information. You need devscripts package for this
      dch -e
      (Example changelog entry. Bolded part is important)
      xqf ( dapper; urgency=low
        * New CVS snapshot
       -- Firstname Lastname <>  Sat, 22 Jul 2006 19:52:09 +0300
    9. Build the package. I suggest using pbuilder (HOWTO) that automates the dependency install process.
      cd ..
      #generate .dsc and diffs
      dpkg-source -b xqf-
      sudo pbuilder build xqf_1.0.4.1+cvs20060722-0ubuntu1.dsc
    10. Alternatively, you may use dpkg-buildpackage. You'll need dpkg-dev package for this
      dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -us -uc
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