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Thread: Radeon driver issue with 13.10

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    Radeon driver issue with 13.10

    Looked through lots of posts regarding radeon driver but haven't been able to get the driver to work correctly. I upgraded from 12.04 (using fglrx and working fine) to 12.10/13.04/13.10. Now using the open source radeon driver (fully removed fglrx). HD3000 (RS780). Connected to 1600x900 monitor.

    Login screen works fine (full resolution), but when I login the screen "shreds". tty works(f1 to f6). If I use recovery mode and resume it sets the resolution to 1024x768 and it logs in fine, but there are no higher monitor settings.

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    Re: Radeon driver issue with 13.10


    When doing a series of upgrades like that, nearly anything can go wrong. You may end up being better off doing a clean install.

    But let's set that aside for a bit.

    Could you get a picture of the screen with a cell phone or something and post it? Please remember to use the "paper clip" button to use the attachment functionality.
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    Re: Radeon driver issue with 13.10

    Started to take pics and found it was only the ubuntu studio (XFCE) interface that had the issue. I was able to get the ubuntu default to work (after re-installing the desktop packages). Never got the xfce desktop to work so removed the xfce packages.

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