I'm hoping someone in the community can help me out here.

I've got a MacBook Pro 8,2 with Ubuntu 13.10 installed. It runs pretty much flawlessly. I can even hook up an Apple 27" Thunderbolt Display and that works great too (once I reboot). However, I want to take it one step further. I want to run two Thunderbolt Displays. Unfortunately after a lot of forum and Google searching, I couldn't find anyone even really talking about it, much less attempting it. So that is why I am posting here.

Under OS X, two Thunderbolt Displays are no problem. It works fine and you just daisy-chain one display off the other. I have done this successfully.

But under Ubuntu, it's a different story. I cannot get Ubuntu to recognize the second Thunderbolt Display. I've tried switching video drivers (between the open-course xorg and the closed-course fglrx drivers), but still no luck. After plugging in the displays and rebooting, Ubuntu still only recognizes and activates the first display.

Does anyone have any ideas or insight as to what I might try to get this working? Has anyone else even tried this themselves?