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Thread: xfce + slim - session problems

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    xfce + slim - session problems

    Hello all,
    I installed Ubuntu Server with xfce and slim from official repos and I have problem with maintaining session - to be precise, when xfce is starting, for some reason it overrides session settings resulting in inability to shutdown or reboot computer and to mount devices. What is most suprising, if i click on shutdown button on xfce upper panel during its startup, I am able to see shutdown menu with all options available (and - suprisingly - they are working), but after a few more seconds (after desktop icons show up), I am unable to do so again (reboot and shutdown icons greyed out). My user is in correct groups (powerdev and plugdev). I was unable to find good solution so far...

    Those are my config files:

    # Path, X server and arguments (if needed)# Note: -xauth $authfile is automatically appended
    default_path        /usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/games:/usr/games
    default_xserver     /usr/bin/X11/X
    xserver_arguments   -nolisten tcp
    # Commands for halt, login, etc.
    halt_cmd            /sbin/shutdown -h now
    reboot_cmd          /sbin/shutdown -r now
    console_cmd         /usr/bin/xterm -C -fg white -bg black +sb -T "Console login" -e /bin/sh -c "/bin/cat /etc/; exec /bin/login"
    #suspend_cmd        /usr/sbin/suspend
    # Full path to the xauth binary
    xauth_path         /usr/bin/X11/xauth
    # Xauth file for server
    authfile           /var/run/slim.auth
    # Activate numlock when slim starts. Valid values: on|off
    # numlock             on
    # Hide the mouse cursor (note: does not work with some WMs).
    # Valid values: true|false
    # hidecursor          false
    # This command is executed after a succesful login.
    # you can place the %session and %theme variables
    # to handle launching of specific commands in .xinitrc
    # depending of chosen session and slim theme
    # NOTE: if your system does not have bash you need
    # to adjust the command according to your preferred shell,
    # i.e. for freebsd use:
    login_cmd           exec /bin/sh - ~/.xinitrc %session
    #login_cmd    exec ck-launch-session /bin/bash -login /etc/X11/Xsession %session
    #login_cmd    exec /bin/bash -login ~/.xinitrc %session
    # Commands executed when starting and exiting a session.
    # They can be used for registering a X11 session with
    # sessreg. You can use the %user variable
    # sessionstart_cmd    some command
    # sessionstop_cmd    some command
    # Start in daemon mode. Valid values: yes | no
    # Note that this can be overriden by the command line
    # options "-d" and "-nodaemon"
    daemon    yes
    # Available sessions (first one is the default).
    # The current chosen session name is replaced in the login_cmd
    # above, so your login command can handle different sessions.
    # see the xinitrc.sample file shipped with slim sources
    sessions            default,startxfce4,openbox,ion3,icewm,wmaker,blackbox,awesome
    # Executed when pressing F11 (requires imagemagick)
    screenshot_cmd      scrot /root/slim.png
    # welcome message. Available variables: %host, %domain
    welcome_msg         Welcome to %host
    # Session message. Prepended to the session name when pressing F1
    # session_msg         Session: 
    # shutdown / reboot messages
    shutdown_msg       The system is halting...
    reboot_msg         The system is rebooting...
    # default user, leave blank or remove this line
    # for avoid pre-loading the username.
    #default_user        simone
    # Focus the password field on start when default_user is set
    # Set to "yes" to enable this feature
    #focus_password      no
    # Automatically login the default user (without entering
    # the password. Set to "yes" to enable this feature
    #auto_login          no
    # current theme, use comma separated list to specify a set to 
    # randomly choose from
    current_theme       debian-spacefun
    # Lock file
    lockfile            /var/run/slim.lock
    # Log file
    logfile             /var/log/slim.log
    exec dbus-launch --exit-with-session startxfce4
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    Re: xfce + slim - session problems


    I'd like to add that this error is probably caused by some application starting with xfce desktop. Could anyone provide me with a way to track/disable such application?
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