Hello Guys,

First, if this issue was previously resolved, I'm sorry, I was looking for something similar on the forum but I couldn't find it, I'm new here.

The problem is that Google Chrome keeps crashing. It beggins with some tabs crashing (the "Aww Snap crash image") and even when you reload them, they keep crashing, again and again. Only after 5 or 6 times the tab reloads correctly. It doesn't work even if I closed that tab and try to open a new one. And after a while, Chrome suddendly closes itselfs, with no previous warning whatsoever.
I try updating the kernel, as I saw on AskUbuntu that maybe could solve it but nothing.

Can you please help me? If you need further info, tell me and I will post it.

Thanks in advance

PS: I've tried with Xubuntu 13.04 also and the same thing happens.