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Thread: Keybindings Won't Work with Metacity

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    Keybindings Won't Work with Metacity

    I usually like to use Metacity by itself rather than with a desktop environment. I find this setup works the best for me, however after installing 13.10 fresh on a new laptop, the only drawback of doing this is that I can't use my normal keybindings. If I could even only be able to adjust my volume levels without having to constantly have pavucontrol open, there wouldn't be a problem. Thanks

    (PS This isn't a big deal, but if anyone knows how to change the location of the close/minimize buttons to the right side instead of left, I'd really like to know. )

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    Re: Keybindings Won't Work with Metacity

    I too run Metacity with a fallback environment and use g/dconf a lot, but rarely use keybindings.

    About buttons:

    Edit: Its also in dconf

    dconf buttons.png
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    Re: Keybindings Won't Work with Metacity

    ubuntu tweak has a way to put buttons back on right: tweaks-window-window control button position


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