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Thread: music Streaming site not working Online

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    Unhappy music Streaming site not working Online

    I am trying to run online music from the site It has Live Streming Online , Embedded Player Tried On Firefox And Chrome , Not working on any , Thanks in advance. Running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Anyone ? Please help me , i really don't know whats the prob and what to do ,

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    Re: music Streaming site not working Online

    I have tried the link you provided with firefox in two songs, both of them play but in an intermittent and sluggish way. The embedded player is loaded in a few seconds.

    To play them, firefox uses the XINE plugin

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    Re: music Streaming site not working Online

    We're not at all sure of the legality of either the site you've linked to nor the djamza site it links to.

    If you can prove it's legality we will look at re-opening the thread. In the meantime - thread closed
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