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Thread: Programs location

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    Programs location

    In order to open a certain file, i must know the way of where the program is located on my harddrive.

    i must choose the location, but where do i find all the installed programs on my system?

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    Re: Programs location

    Hi Mikael, If I remember from your last thread on the forum, you installed Ubuntu 12.04, so my guess is that you have the default desktop which is "Unity". You can tell if it is Unity by looking at your desktop and you will see a dock, broken down into tiles on the left side of the screen. On the very top of this dock is a icon, sort of looks like a swirl, it is the first tile , click on that and it will open your programs installed on your computer. It should open up into a large rectangle, which you can make bigger if you like. In this large rectangle, you will see some icons on the bottom of the large rectangle. An icon that looks like a house and so on. The second icon, after the house will display your applications (programs). I am trying to keep this as simple for you as possible, by not using the ubuntu names for all of the steps I gave you. Take it from there!


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    Re: Programs location

    You can find the installed applications by
    1) click the Dash Home icon at the top of the launcher, it has the Ubuntu logo on it
    2) at the bottom there should be a row of icons, the left most one is a house, click the one that looks similar to a ruler, pencil and pen
    3) there should now be a row above that says: Installed see x more results >
    4) click see x more results >
    you should now be looking at the icons for the main programs installed.

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    Re: Programs location

    Most programs launch from /usr/bin
    Probably look there first.

    If the program isn't listed in the "open with" section of the file's properties(right click on file > properties).
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    Re: Programs location

    If you know the command that can open the file (say, it's called program-name) you can use the command which program-name to find out where it is. It's usually in /usr/bin/.


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