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Thread: Syncing Large File Kills my Home Network

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    Syncing Large File Kills my Home Network

    Yet another issue where I'm not sure where it fits. Since I first noticed it while using Ubuntu 1, I'll post it here.

    I'm having a new issue when trying to sync (upload) a large file (364 MB) to my Ubuntu 1 account. When ever the program tries to sync the file, internet connectivity is lost to all computers on my home network. This occurs when using either Ubuntu 1 or Dropbox accounts. Once I "pause" syncing, all connectivity is restored. Both accounts have well over 3 GIG available space remaining. Smaller files such as pictures seem to sync without an issue on both programs. This seems like a possible issue with my router, but I'm not sure, and don't know where to begin trouble shooting this one.

    I'm currently running a fully updated and current Ubuntu 12.04 and the latest version of Ubuntu 1 as far as I know. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    Re: Syncing Large File Kills my Home Network

    It's an Ubuntu thing and not really an Ubuntu One thing, I have noticed this when getting something from torrents. My network just dies, my wife does not have this problem when doing the same thing on Windows but anytime I do it netflix on all the roku's crash due to lack of internet connection. I know it is not my connection since I have 40 MB internet connection. The only I found to remedy this was I just put in a new router and it has the dual band. I have my computers hooked to one network name and I have the Roku's hooked to the other network name. Wish I could better assist, on a up side at least your Ubuntu machine is making is presence of priority on your network known.
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