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Thread: Spoof Windows?

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    Question Spoof Windows?

    My browser is Firefox. A website I used to use has been updated and gives me a message that Linux is not yet supported when I try to login. I can use the website in a Windows virtual machine, but that is a pain because I need to switch back and forth between languages, and I don't have an easy way to do that in Windows. Is there some way that I can impersonate a Windows or Mac to use this site? I tried the addon useragent switcher; it didn't work at all.
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    You might try some of the other add-ons that do the same thing. One might work for you.

    I haven't used Opera in ages and ages, but if I recall correctly it had user agent spoofing built in.

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    Re: Spoof Windows?

    Try the add-on User-Agent-Switcher which can in some cases tell the web site visited that you are using another browser on another OS. I have found it useful in the past, though I have not found a site that would not show on Linux for a long while now, even if they say they do not support it.
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    Re: Spoof Windows?

    There are still such web sites, such as Garmin. You cannot update any Garmin GPS without having a Microsoft Windows or Mac OS. You can get to the web site but cannot download a new map with out Microsoft or Mac. I think that is the type of thing the OP is talking about. Granted there are very few of these still in existance, but there are some.
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