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Thread: Netbook does not "see" battery (two different batteries)

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    Netbook does not "see" battery (two different batteries)

    My older Aspire ONE does not see either battery (three cell or 6-cell) that is installed. It is hard for me to think that both batteries would go bad at the same time, therefore I feel that it might be the computer. If I knew the battery pin-outs I could at least use a multimeter and check the voltages. The netbook is not used very often, and sits dormant for weeks at a time.

    I do not want to buy a third battery if the problem is in the computer.

    How do I check, correct this problem?
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    Re: Netbook does not "see" battery (two different batteries)

    May be this is going to be a stupid suggestion : try to boot without the power plugged in ?
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