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Thread: Zero Oregonians sign up for Health Exchange

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    Zero Oregonians sign up for Health Exchange

    And the reason is? Oracle!

    "This is because Oracle, the company who Oregon paid $43.2 million to develop Cover Oregon and provide consulting, "has missed numerous previous deadlines" to bring the site up to speed."

    That surprised me. I've never thought much of Ellison, but this has really got to be a black eye (I would think). It appears that even the most amateurish contractors did better than the much vaunted Oracle. I've heard other interesting discussions as to why the Health Exchange has done so poorly. A recent NPR interview with a software engineer pointed out that if the gov had open-sourced its software much earlier (for comment) many of the pursuant issues might have been avoided. The interviewee (software engineer and instructor) described some very basic coding errors (according to him) that might have been avoided.
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    Re: Zero Oregonians sign up for Health Exchange

    Thread moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.


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