Hi. I have a problem with trying to install Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro (15inch, late 2012). I made a bootable DVD for Ubuntu using the instructions on the website, and pressed ALT / OPTION when restarting. I clicked the "Windows" CD (it's a glitch or something on Mac, it means Ubuntu or Linux) but when it booted from it, I got a black screen with a little blinking underscore and it sat there for a few minutes. I was getting impatient so I just forced-shut-down my laptop (which I hate doing). I tried it again by pressing C to see if it'd make a difference but the same thing happened.

Does anyone know how I can fix this issue? I see people talking about changing the boot options when they get to a purple screen but I never get to that screen. Any help? I really want to use Ubuntu but this is starting to depress me already.