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Thread: gnome-shell memory leak debugging/logging 13.10

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    gnome-shell memory leak debugging/logging 13.10

    I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 on my desktop. Ever since the update from 13.04 there is a very annoying memory leak. I know from my conky stats that gnome-shell is the culprit. And that it consumes about 1GB every 6 hours or so, minimum. Even when in standby mode! It is 100% reproducible. all I need to do is turn the computer on and in 2 days all my memory and swap is consumed. I have not checked to see if this happens on any other system, or on a clean USB boot. But the community seems content so I think it's just me.

    How do I go about logging this so I can post a bug report? I know nothing about development for ubuntu, or even how things are developed in a community. But I would really like to identify this leak ASAP so a fix can be made. I'm not a complete beginner, but i have just never needed to debug my system before.

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    Re: gnome-shell memory leak debugging/logging 13.10

    You're not alone. I have this issue as well with ubuntu 13.10 64bit and gnome-shell 3.8.4.
    alt-F2 and "r" fixes it temporarily. Sometimes need to execute it several times.
    Just before I read your message my gnome-shell ate 3.8GB and after the reset only 269MB.
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    Re: gnome-shell memory leak debugging/logging 13.10

    In my case, the memory leak is greatly accelerated by using "sensors"extension (and "system monitor"). Removing them makes the leak much slower, but still there.

    You can use alt-F2, yes, but then half of the time your gnome-terminal windows are transformed in ghosts... see

    I haven't be able to find links to see if the bug is worked on, or if it's fixed in shell 3.10. It surely didn't happen in 3.6.
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