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Thread: Building a Linux Network Appliance

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    I have been all over the net and finally found a site you folks might like:

    You know, for about 25 years Windows has served me well, but I am now a confirmed Linux guy. Time to move on.

    For the past few weeks I have reviewed virtually every Gigabit ethernet router (No wireless, thank you) including a pretty sexy piece of equipment like the Habey BIS-6634

    My conclusions, hopefully they will help: Ethernet routers are toys that offer a false sense of security and Network appliances can be built to your own specifications.

    Question: Can anyone point me in the direction for more info and advice about "Building a Linux Network Appliance"

    Thanks, and All the Best to the Best Darned Forum on the net!
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    Re: Building a Linux Network Appliance

    I like the netgear gs108--8 ports, decent firmware--$50. Yes you can build your own, but you can also find decent, used, business-grade routers and install tomato or dd-wrt firmware and set them up the way you like.
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    Re: Building a Linux Network Appliance

    Thanks, tgalati4, for your common-sense advice. Actually I just purchased Cisco SG300-10 10-port Gigabit Managed Switch (SRW2008-K9-NA) I am just now beginning to learn what this beast can do, currently plowing through the rather lengthy PDF manual.

    Since I am migrating from Win 7 64 bit to Linux, I kind of have my heart set on building this Linux Network Appliance, both as part of my learning process plus the fact that with pfSense, et. al, I believe it would trump most SOHO routers available. There is a nice How To over at

    Re routers, the affordable Cisco routers range from the RV320K9NA (which is total junk) to the only other choice being the RV042G-NA, which is acceptable but replete with mind-numbing limitations. Also looked at offerings from ZyXEL (the USG50 had me all excited until I found out that none of its desirable features function without expensive subscriptions), also Peplink Balance, TP-LINK, and everything else that is even worth considering. Nope, hate me if you choose. Routers are toys - great security for keeping intruders out of your Netflix collection.

    Also, I want open source - so that's why I'm looking at Free BSD and not Untangle (which is very, very good but very, very expensive) Also studying up on m0n0wall, IPFire and others.

    To be perfectly honest with you, I have read myself crazy on routers, managed and unmanaged switches, etc. to the point that I am now constructively confused. Everything keeps coming back to DIY being superior to off-the-shelf routers. Actually way back in 1996 one of my 16 year-old gifted students built such an IP Filter, Firewall, etc. out of an old 486 computer, so it can't be too threatening (I hope).

    Right now I'm just gathering information, having eliminated off-the-shelf routers as a choice. I have two extra computers: one is an AMD Quad-Core (plenty for a Linux Network Appliance) and the other an AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core Processor Black Edition, which is way too much horsepower and which I will keep for migrating my work from my other Win 7 computers to Open Source and Linux.

    Before you point up the obvious, let me confess that right now I don't know squat. I can talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

    Please help, my friends!


    Let me just add one thing. The Ubuntu Forums and the Forums are the only places that not only tolerate but also are exceedingly kind to beginners like myself. One other thing: I hate parasites, so rest assured that I will root out as much information as I can before asking a question on these forums.
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