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Thread: Mac OS (X) Emulator?

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    Lightbulb Mac OS (X) Emulator?

    Hello, I just recently used WiNE, and it worked, meh, but what if there was a MAC emulator, We can use it on other Unix distros. it can work in FreeBSD, or other Unix distros, and it can make the GUi change/ like Mac OS classic for X. Any way to make this possible? Thanks!

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    Re: Mac OS (X) Emulator?

    if I think how long wine was/is developped, I'd say it takes another 10 years or so...

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    Re: Mac OS (X) Emulator?

    Thread moved to The Cafe as this is not a support question.

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    Re: Mac OS (X) Emulator?

    How many mac apps are there to make an emulator a feasible/rational endeavor?
    I wouldn't think there would be alot, where as windows has thousands upon thousands.

    You could probably have the mac devs port to windows, and then run the ported version through wine.
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