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Thread: Comodore 64 (Vice)

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    Comodore 64 (Vice)


    I am setting up Vice for C64 on my emulator system, which is running Lubuntu 13.10.
    Problem is, i can't get it to run full screen.
    This seems to be a known bug for Vice 2.3, which is in the repositories.
    Is this solved in the current version 2.4?
    And is there a PPA for vice 2.4, or do i have to compile it myself?

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    Re: Comodore 64 (Vice)

    Well I found this link to 2.4 that is proposed for 14.04 - vice_2.4.dfsg-1_amd64.deb (9.6 MiB) - It may work if there isn't any dependency issues. Perhaps give it a go and let me know how it goes

    edit: I downloaded and checked with gdebi and it needs one more dependency that is available to me so it should be able to work for you (I am running Xubuntu 13.10)
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    Re: Comodore 64 (Vice)

    I compiled Vice 2.4 myself recently and it does work full screen.
    Now i have to integrate it into Wahcade to autostart, (and close) the games.
    I am now on Lubuntu 13.10, but i might switch to Xubuntu 14.04 because Lubuntu 14.04 will probably not be long term support.


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