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Thread: How to install Ubuntu Studio

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    How to install Ubuntu Studio

    Hi I am an absolute beginner and have no idea how to install this can anyone walk me through this

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    Re: What do I do

    First of all, read the instructions on installing using usb or dvd:

    Next tell us something about your desired setup. Do you want Ubuntu only or do you want to dual boot with something else? Is this something else Windows, Mac, another Linux? Which version? Do you have a single hard disk or more? Some details on the hardware, to be prepared for possible complications: processor, RAM, graphics card. It's good to have a wired internet connection for installation, but you can do without.

    Try running the live dvd or usb. This doesn't change anything to your computer.

    Don't think it's complicated. If your system is easy you can have it installed this evening my timezone (watch my longitude in the upper right of my post).

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    Re: What do I do

    sstaley1 Hi ! Welcome to the forum.

    The process is in fact very simple. Do not make it seem more complicated than it is not !

    1. Ubuntustudio, download the .iso from this link:
    2. Verify the download integrity:
    3. Burn the .iso as an image - not as "data" as an IMAGE
    4. Set the CD drive as 1st boot priority in bios -> Boot the liveCD
    5. Booting the liveCD, as soon as the bios screen clears, depress and hold the shift key -> language screen, escape key to accept the default -> boot screen -> choose: "check disk for defects" -> all good ? ->
    6. From that same screen select "try ubuntu" -> desktop ->>> play with 'buntu and see that all hardware and devices work as expected. You are in love with 'buntu !
    7. Install ubuntu (icon) .. 1st time installer; take the easy way and let the install wizard do all that is needed for the set up. All you need to do is:
    • choose: "erase disk and install ubuntu"
    • Tell the installer where you live (sets up your locale)
    • Tell the installer the username you desire
    • Tell the installer the PASSWORD you desire - remember this ->admin priviledges
    • Simple questions !

    8. Enjoy 'buntu !

    The above is not in consideration that Windows8, UEFI, SSRT, or secure Boot is at large. These make for complications, not insurmountable !
    Nor, that you want to keep your present operating system.

    Post back with any other concerns you may be suffering with, we are here to help !

    just my bit to help
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    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: What do I do

    Hi sstaley1,

    I have one question to ask of you before you advance from Item 6 to Item 7 in Bashing-om's very accurate guide - Why did you particularly choose ubuntu studio?

    There are many flavors of ubuntu and if you are a beginner it may be possible that another choice would be more suitable for your circumstances.

    All the best to you regardless of your final choice.

    Cheers and good luck -
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