Hello. I've noticed something abnormal about my music playback through Banshee lately.

In some music it's obvious, in others not, but certain parts of the track sound poorer quality then usual (some parts of a song may sound a bit 'screecher' then it should)
I've noticed this several times on both headphones and playing through my speakers, so this isn't my hardware or a loose wire. I'm not musical enough to know exactly this odd thing is, but I suspect it's how MP3s are played back on my system.

To test: I imported a soundtrack that's MP3 into Audacity and exported it to OGG. Playing the MP3 within Audacity and the exported OGG via a music player sounds exactly as it should, but playing the original MP3 sounds poor quality.

I'm not too sure if this is something to do with PulseAudio since my upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 not too long ago as I had trouble with Audacity and Skype making fast/distorted sounds.

Also, this 'poor quality' MP3 playback seems to happen mainly on audio players installed on my system, that's Banshee and the default Videos player. Could this be a codec/package issue?

I'm not really sure what to do, there's something weird with playing MP3 files...

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.