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See if you can back-rev to 12.04 LTS. It's good until 2017, whereas 1210 (a normal release) hits EOL in July, 2013. LTSes are much safer than their younger cousins. What they gain in glitter they lose in reliability and all-around quality. And quality is key, isn't it?
I actually agree with this sentiment 99%. I run 12.04 on my production boxes too. But I do tinker with the newer stuff on experimental boxes out of curiosity, and I can see that some people need the latest and greatest to solve HW issues. 12.10 is actually EOL April 2014, but that's just 6 months away.


You may want to try installing a pristine 13.04, since this should be where you are going anyway. 13.10 just came out and is too new and buggy, so I don't recommend it yet. 12.10 is already seeing it's due date around the corner. Or, you can follow whitesmith's recommendation and reinstall 12.04. Frankly, this last is what I would do, and then rest easy knowing that you have stability until 2017, or alternatively, wait for 14.04 which will also be LTS.

I'm out of ideas on getting Unity working for you unless someone else jumps in. I don't know enough about the newer ways of doing things because most of my knowledge is still based on 12.04.