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Thread: High disk temperature in ubuntu low in Mageia Linux!

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    High disk temperature in ubuntu low in Mageia Linux!

    I'm tryign to use various Ubuntu versions full time on my HP Pavilion dv6-2150us laptop. However the big problem that I have noticed is that the hard disk gets very very hot in Ubuntu. The problem still continues ever since I first used Ubuntu 10.04 to all the way upto Ubuntu 13.10. The same laptop works perfectly fine under Windows 7. I've dual boot. (The air vents are clean no issues there) The disk temperature under Windows 7 remains in range of 44 to 48. Under Ubuntu it varies between 50 to 55! I have tried Ubuntu, xUbuntu, lubuntu and kubuntu. None of the ubuntu versions could cool down my disk drive. I have tried every Ubuntu version on this laptop. I've also tried Fedora 17,18,19, Linux mint 13,14,15 and debian 6 & 7. They all have same problem!
    After trying few more linux distros I finally found a Linux distro that keeps my laptop dirve really cool... its Mageia 3 !!! At the end of the Mageia 3 installation I saw message saying "thing to configure acpi...." just before the reboot and installation of OS was completed. In Mageia the disk temerature remains around 42 degrees and max it goes upto 48 when accessed disk for too long but it comes down again after sometime.
    How do I debug what Mageia is doing that Ubuntu is not doing?
    Here are the hardware details of my laptop with lspci output
    During my search on this topic I found lot more users with similar problem and specially users of Western Digital Disk drive users have more problems.
    There is also a bug in launchpad 394826 which talks about acpi is causing disk drives to be hotter by whooping 10 degrees if power connector is connected and if it is removed the disk temerature comes down I have notied the similar behaviour on my laptop.

    Can someone guide me how I should debug on Mageia 3 to find out what are they doing to keep the disk temperature down?

    The Mageia 3 kernel version is
    I'm using hddtemp /dev/sda command to monitor disk temperature.
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