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Thread: Cloud : good or bad?

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    Thumbs down Cloud : good or bad?

    Usually, I remember to always turn off my Ubuntu One and I even went into settings once and turned it off, but its back on every boot. Personally, I've zero use for it.

    I think its bad. Her's why :

    Portable storage is cheap as dirt now and faster than most connections. Even a tech doing home installs would have to carry a pocket modem anyway, so why not carry a portable?

    "Hoard no jade and thieves will not find you". The fact that Ubuntu One stores so much private info (jade to hackers) in one location makes them a rewarding target for professional hackers. Corporate and government hackers such as Global Intelligence Inc. and the NSA will now find Ubuntu One a rewarding target.

    Lastly, Ive seen a push for on-line apps the future of which would have us pay for every use of an app or program and allow full dosier on our usages. If something can't operate without the net, I don't want it.

    So, what do you think? What would you need it for? What can it do that my portable can't? Good or bad? I'm uninstalling.

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    Re: Cloud : good or bad?

    I like it saves my docs all day every day. I read today that the NSA hacked Google cloud and Yahoo cloud. I wonder if they bothered with us who use Unity?????

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    Re: Cloud : good or bad?

    I've just spent some time installing owncloud. It's open source and if you have a spare PC with some free space you just have some of the advantages of the coud and absolute privacy. The net may break down, your data are at your place. Come to think of, companies like Synology offer similar solutions and without the trouble of installing software. But the main point of cloud computing is ease of mind: what if a power spike kills all your hardware? Or a theft, or any other calamity? Personally I believe there is a balance between security and safety and if you have data that are an absolute secret don't forget a home computer can be the victim of malware too. A laptop can be stolen. Absolute security doesn't exist. But knowing that a disk crash is not the end puts my mind at ease. More than the thought some people of the NSA might read my documents...


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