It's been a while.
Can anyone using SS help me confirm a bug before I post it on Launchpad (question mark). Yes, I don't have a question mark right now.

1) Open a terminal window;
2) Press any letter. Let's test with 'A'. You press 'A' and you obviously get 'A'. OK
3) Now lets map 'A' to something else. Lets say 'X':
xmodmap -e "keycode 38 = x X
4) Press 'A': You probably see "X" now. Good. xmodmap works so far.
5) Now click anywhere else on your desktop. Anywhere: Your wallpaper, the launcher, the dash, you choose.
6) Go back to that terminal. Press 'A'.

Do you see 'A' or 'X' (question mark)
If you see 'A', something is in fact wrong with xmodmap.

- Up to the previous version, anyone could customize a keyboard by modifying ~/.Xmodmap (Example: when you buy an imported laptop).
- It looks like xmodmap settings are lost when the user switches from Terminal to Desktop and back to Terminal.