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Thread: 13.04 Inspirion 5520 Low Graphics Mode

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    Exclamation 13.04 Inspirion 5520 Low Graphics Mode

    I have low graphics more, i had a problem with graphic driver i sovled it in this thread:
    And mainly by using this post:

    Some time awile my FAN-cooler whas broken, so i wetn my PC to service center and tried to demonstrate that cooler FAN is to loud... So i did:
    sudo aticonfig --px-dgpu
    And just right after restart i have Low graphics mode.

    I reinstaleld fglrx driver couple of times, used solution in this thread:

    But did not helped me. When i uninstall all drivers i have at least controll with windows (no unity) i can hide them and, and resize.
    Now when i have fglrx driver installed:
    - i have low graphics mode
    - no Unity desktop
    - and windows are unresizable, and non dragable (the dragg panel with window buttons disapeared)

    What logs i should give?
    What action shoud i do to solve this situation?

    Thank you!

    Some time after:
    With integrated graphics mode
    sudo aticonfig --px-igpu
    No unity but windows act normally... Seams that graphics are not whell configured... ;(
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    Re: 13.04 Inspirion 5520 Low Graphics Mode

    Whell i whas tired of that problem, and reinstalled my Ubuntu, but i get the 12.04 version.

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